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A support planner is a person who has been certified by DHS as someone who understands the consumer directed community support service, person-centered planning and the process of developing a support plan.

A support planner is able to:

  • Provide information about consumer directed community supports and provider options

  • Help develop a community support plan

  • Find services and supports

  • Make arrangements for purchases and delivery of services and supports

  • Help solve problems that may occur

  • Help monitor the CDCS support plan

  • Assist with recruiting, screening, hiring, training, scheduling, monitoring and paying support workers

  • Provide and arrange for staff training specific to the person's needs.



Sheana lives in Faribault MN with her husband and 3 kids. Sheana worked with both Minnesota Prairie Human Services (Steele, Waseca and Dodge counties) and Scott County Human Services as a Social Worker/ Case Manager. 

Sheana loves to work with people to find the best possible solutions to their desired outcomes. She understands how to work with the counties to develop plans in your best interest. Due to her background, she is also able to access and work with providers seamlessly.

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Email: sheana@ABabilities.com

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